error 20 when trying to email from windows 8.1 accounts small business 2014, outlook 2007

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I have reckon accounts small business 2014, windows 8.1. Error 20 can't print when trying to email. my outlook 2007 is synced with my gmail account and tests fine. when i try to email a form up comes the email screen then the error 20 then reckon shuts down. Please help. i have tried uninstalling the V4 pdf converter. it is assigned to its own port, i have deleted QBprint and Win files. i have read and tried every thread i could find. I am not techie, so frustration is really high right now.  Help


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    Jo-Anne.  I've sent some tips by email to you

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    (I should have filled in the thought process here a little.....)

    This topic has been done to death in a lot of the forums, and after looking at all the input from Jo-Anne,  there is the chance that three aspects have been overlooked, which we'll discuss and report back.  But possibly they are the need to run Outlook as Administrator,  and set Reckon to be compatibility mode,  and ensure the correct "Reckon"  (not older QB v4) PDF tool is in play.....   they're the suggestions we'll liaise on to see if that sorts it or not.... and then take this one step further.  Jo-Anne seems to have already tackled many of the other suggestions from other forum articles, but they all need to be done of course.  Possibly one is missing.

    -  subsequent findings.
    a)  The QBW.ini file kept losing the 


    Steps 1 to 8  were being misunderstood.   The RECKON PROGRAM needs to start 'as administrator) per point 6  of that article.
    The site had another shortcut to the DATA FILE, and that was starting the RECKON program natively, not as Administrator, and therefore missing out on the privileges needed to perform the talk, and crashing, possibly resulting in the corruption of the QBW.ini file in (a)....

    There may be another clue yet,  but we'll await the site's input before second guessing.  Presently RUNNING OK.   4PM 29/10/15

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    Hi Gary
    After so much patience from you I realized one problem I was having was that I kept using my company file and not the programme file to make alterations, and many of the required steps were being overlooked as the buttons were not available. This is probably only an issue if you dont realise the difference between the company file and the programme file. Obviously I didn't. Now reckon talks to outlook but my invoices that I am emailing come out in black and white. Not the look I wanted for my company logo. I have checked all my settings, as much as a non tech person can, and cannot identify anything that will give me colour.  If I preview my invoice in reckon it is in colour. If I print it, it is in colour, it just wont PDF (for want of a better term), in colour. Is anyone else having this issue???
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          per the emailed clues over the weekend....., to help others see if I've missed something on the PDF 'color' matter.....

    I suspected the 'color' aspect is like this:

    a)  BE mindful that your intention is to print to a PDF which then gets emailed.   (ie:  no paper involved)

    b)  What many PDF creation programs do,  is second guess what you would OTHERWISE BE DOING if you went to paper.
          ie:  what printer, and what option ON THAT real printer?  

    c)   SO:   The trick is, to have the real paper printer running as your DEFAULT,  but already running in COLOR MODE  using Windows Control Panel to reach the printer settings.      (don't get caught trying to momentarily change to COLOR mode from inside a PROGRAM (like Excel for instance),  because that only changes the settings for that session.

    d)   THEN:    when the PDF printer gets used,  that should cause the PDF program to try and emulate what your default printer would otherwise have done.  (ie: color).

    Failing that  unless there are PROPERTIES of the PDF printer that you can adjust (again, from Windows --->  Control Panel --> Printers.)    then I'm at a loss.

    But since I emailed you the above,  can you check one other thing, Jo-Anne:

    Have you tried the option:   FILE  --->  save as a PDF 
    and store the invoice as a PDF file on say:  C:\temp   folder,
    AND:  then ....   does that PDF file contain a COLORED logo?
    I've done it here, but under Win10 as a comparison to debug this approach.

    This PDF color matter should really be a whole new TOPIC for the forum,  and CLOSE off the former question about error 20 which has been fully satisfied now.