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I am trying to do the super data export for October (using Accounts Hosted), however for one employee it is not bringing up the USI or the fund name, so I am unable to upload. I have checked the employee file and all the relevant information is entered. I have also tried running the Super Data Report by fund and when I do this the information is only missing on two dates. Any ideas on how I can get this information presented in the report?


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    Hi Hippopotamus Pawnbrokers,

    Could you please ensure that the Member Number, Unique Super ID and Fund Scheme is filled out in the Super Details section of the employee's record. To check this, right-click on the employee > Edit Employee > Change tabs > Payroll and Compensation Info > Super Details

    If that has been filled out correctly, please check the super fund relating to that particular employee. To do this go to Lists > Payroll Item List > Double-click on the Super Fund relating to this employee > Next > Next > Ensure that the field 'Enter the number that identifies you to agency' is filled out.

    I hope this helps.

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    Hello Hippopotamus Pawnbrokers

    The amounts in the data file are only entered when processing the pay run. If you updated the details for the employee, they then appear in payruns processed after updating. You will need to manually copy/enter the missing fields in the data export file. 

    Or go try going back to the pays in question. Unlocking them, remove the super item, reenter the super item (check that the super amount is the same as what it was previously), and save and close the pay.


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    Thanks. Got it sorted :)