Quicken V.6 R1 on Windows 10

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Hi Reckoners

My Octogenarian Father-in-law currently uses Quicken v.6 R1 on Windows 7 without any problems, and he is wondering if it would work successfully on Windows 10.

My advice to him is that perhaps the Windows upgrade won't be worth it, given that he will not be upgrading from his old Quicken version, because his needs are simple and he doesn't want to learn any new or changed software.

Does anybody have any experience with this scenario?

Regards, Patrick


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    We're a terrific bunch over here in Reckon land,  happy to help users of Intuit product as well....  (hehe).
    Anyway, if it isn't broken don't fix it.   

    I'm a 40 year in the industry guy, and came from the world of choosing operating systems that suit the desired application, and then obtaining the hardware that supports that operating system.  Seems, that along the industry has pout more focus on operating systems than applications over the last 20 of those years, which I disagree with.

    In your specific situation with your father-in-law,  if financially, and comfort wise, he just loves the Quicken v6 (Intuit)  product that he has,  and all his history and trends and ability to continue to enter/update his personal affairs is still working,  then leave it alone.

    He's not al;one with this query.  See:  https://qlc.intuit.com/questions/159506

    Anyway,  all the best with this.   I agree with Leif above - stay with the devil you know in this situation.

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    Thanks so much Leif and Gary for the useful replies.

    I think we'll leave things as are.

    On a different matter, I have used Quicken then Reckon Personal Products since 2006, but there are aspects of its use (e.g. setting up certain accounts) that I have never come to proper grips with. I'm sure I could do better with some guidance.

    Is this an appropriate forum to ask questions on any Reckon hand-holding matters I might need? (relevant to the Australian context of course)

    Best wishes
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    Hey there Patrick,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community! Glad to have you on board :)

    Just adding to Leif's comments below, the Community is an excellent repository of information and ideas. If you pop in a few keywords or a question in the Reckon Community search bar you may find similar questions or topics you're looking for may be already covered.

    Also, we have some great training avenues to help you get the best out of your software, check it out here - https://www.reckon.com/en-au/training

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