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Melanie Rhook
Melanie Rhook Member Posts: 8
I have just installed Quickbooks Accounts Accounting onto my new computer which runs Windows 10.  I am unable to email invoices - Error Code 20. I have been following some of the other threads which have suggested some fixes, but this seems very complicated for a program which has just been installed. I have been through this process before with a lot of frustration, fails and time wasted, so I am reluctant to do it again if there is an easier way. I am on a QB subscription so it is the most up to date version and it is a brand new computer.


  • Rav
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    Hi there Melanie

    Sorry to hear you're having issues after install :(

    Are using the 2015 version? Have you been through any of the steps outlined in the other threads? If so, could you let us know what you've attempted thus far so the Community can offer some suggestions.


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  • John Graetz
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    Melanie.  As you are aware, this is a "big" problem for Windows 10 users, primarily because the program that you are using is not compatible with Windows 10.  But, take heart.  I have found a very simple solution which caters for the problem until such stage as the 2016 version of Reckon is released.  Here is what you need to do, to ensure the best possible result:

    1.  Restart you computer (to clear any error messages that you have received)
    2.  After you re-start, look for the Reckon Account icon on you Desktop, NOT the one that is in your system tray etc.
    3.  Right click on the RA Icon on your desktop and select "Run as administrator"
    The program will open and theoretically, everything should be fine.
    In my case I have deleted all system tray icons, which forces me to go to the Desktop icon.  By accident this morning, I clicked on the Desktop icon to open the program instead of right clicking and selecting the Run as administrator command.  As was likely to happen, emailing pay slips failed and I ended up with the Error code 20.  This then also had other flow on effects, causing problems printing other things outside of Reckon.  The solution was to re-start my computer and start the program correctly.  When I did, pay slips emailed correctly and no other printing problems are evident.
    This is the quick fix that I have found works.  Because of some other peculiarity with your system, it may not, but my opinion is that this is odds on to work for you.
    John L G
  • Shane O'Meara
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    I had the same problem and just initiated John's recommendation and it appears to have worked.

    No error but I just asked staff to let me know if they got their payslip.
  • John Graetz
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    Thanks Shane - that's the sort of thing that we love hearing !!  John L G