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I am in a multi-user environment, 4 users, Mac desktops, and we login to a Windows Server to run Reckon Accounts Premier Edition.

Two of the users are part-timers who work on different days. Despite reminders, they occasionally forget to close Reckon Accounts so it's left running on their Windows remote desktop session. This makes it impossible for me to switch to single-user mode and undertake certain tasks, such as lock transactions for a past month, delete memorised reports, etc.

Is it possible for the Reckon administrator to force close user sessions that aren't being used? It's pesky having to wait 2 days for when the user next works to get access.



  • Rav
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    Hi Peter,

    Can certainly see how it could be quite annoying!

    Unfortunately, in these cases the user sessions do need to be logged off by the users themselves.

    Crashing the terminal server session by restarting the PC could yield the result you're looking for however it's certainly not something we recommend.

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  • PeterW
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    Thanks Rav.