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Hi I am new to Reckon and am hoping to use the projects for Fundraising Events we conduct in our Non for Profit. Is there a way to generate a report that shows the invoices and receipts for an individual project? I am still on the trial and have upgraded the Projects but it hasn't really changed anything in terms of what details show and what reports are possible. 
Thanks :) 


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    Hi Megan

    when  you talk 'projects' I assume you mean creating "customer jobs" for events.

    If we are on the same page then there are numerous reports for jobs.
    1. Reports > jobs, time mileage
    2. Reports > Industry specific > 5 choices of industry reports including "non-profit"
    3. customer centre > click on customer > click on the sub account/job for the customer > click on the RH side window showing inv./pmts etc.
    Option 3 - gives you ever transaction for that job, it can be filtered by date or by transaction or multi transaction type. - you can also run a quick report from this screen showing the inv. & pmts.

    If you are setting up for the first time, it needs to be set up properly, there are many ways you can setup Reckon depending on how you want it to work for you.

    there is no right or wrong way, just the best way to maximise the program to suit your situation.

    If you need some assistance please feel free to contact me:-
    Kim  0429 305300   Email:   
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    sorry didn't know there was a difference between Reckon and Reckon One. I am using Reckon One
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    1. What is the purpose of having Job Types?
    2. How do you run a report by Job Type?
    3. We have 3 Classes, Customer Jobs and Corporate Overheads. Is it essential to have Job Number for the Overhead Class to be able to post to the GL through AP or Journals?
    4. Thank you