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Using Hosted
Every time I edit an item/part when I click ok it takes me back to my item list, but my columns keep changing size. So I find myself making them wider to read them but as soon as I goto edit item and then back to item list the columns have changed again and are too narrow to read...
I "Reckon" this is a bit of a joke. Pardon the pun
Is anyone else having this issue.


  • Jason Hollis
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    Hi Bevan,

    Our list windows utilise the windows operating system to render. When you have the window in a certain "mode" it always wants to expand to fill the entire window, but not always sizing the columns as you would like.

    This also occurs on Reckon Accounts desktop where we run on windows, just like Accounts Hosted. 

    For example, if you have the View > Multiple Windows active, but then maximise the window, the columns will resize to fit, but not as you would like.

    To overcome this, either view the window in full mode View > One Window, or, view as multiple windows but do not maximise (use Restore Down mode).

    Please see my examples below as to what occurs when I change various views in Hosted

    Kind regards,

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    Thanks for your reply Jason,

    I especially liked your video explanation, makes complete sense.

    However, I only ever use one window mode. I just checked to see if it is still in one window mode and it was.

    But now it seems to be behaving and working fine so I have no idea what was happening yesterday.

    I am putting it down to reckon having a retard moment yesterday. 

  • Bevan
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    Hi Jason, Now I have issues with columns and font and text positioning the list goes on.
    It would be very long winded to describe what is happening. So I downloaded jing so I can show you.

    Please see my screen capture video

    I will start a new thread on this just thought you might be interested 
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    off topic of first question Please reference the new conversation here: My Templates have corrupted when I upgrade Reckon Accounts (eg. Older Desktop ver...
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    Is there a way to watch the link in the comment above as Adobe Flash no longer available?

    So time wasting having to change the width every time you do something in the item list