How to add logo to payslips and payment summery

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I've seen people ask about logos on their payment summaries and payslips. How do I add a logo to these items? I have uploaded our logo to the system. I've added it to our invoices/estimates already. 


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    Hi Kellie  It sounds like you have already done all of the hard bits by getting the logo into your Q drive.  The rest is very straight forward.  Navigate to your pay slip template and open it.  Near the top left hand corner you should be able to see a box for Use Logo.  Tick that box and then navigate to the the drive in which already have your logo located.  When you do this, the logo could end up anywhere on your pay slip.  You then need to go click on Layout Designer on the bottom of your Basic Customisation page to open up the template, and then move your logo to wherever you want it to be.  Save the template by clicking ok and you should have the end product.  You may have some initial problems with the "default" logo location, because it can get dumped over top of other items.  If the form that you are trying to customise is a standard Reckon template, you are likely to have to make a copy of it before you can customise it.

    I have never heard of having a logo on a Payment Summary and I don't believe that this is possible.  After all, the payment summary has been designed by the ATO.  There is no template for this, hence the reason why I don't believe that you can amend this form in any way.

    John L G
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