How do I allocate a batch bank deposit for cash payments for multiple invoices and customers in Reck

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At our Community House, we receive payments for class invoices via EFT and cash.  With our cash payments, we make a weekly deposit into the bank.  When I pull in the bank feed for our accounts, I can see the lump sum deposit there.  I then want to allocate the payments made by each customer in that lump sum to their invoice.  However, when I try to do this, I can allocate to the first customer, but then Reckon One wants to issue a credit for the remaining deposit to that customer.  I have been told that Reckon One does not do bulk bank payments at the moment, and that I should journal the credit and disperse the credit to the other invoices relating to that deposit.  My question - how do I do that?  How do I pull up the credit in the journal?  Which account is the credit posted to?  I assume I would use Accounts Receivable for all other invoices as the account and select each contact for each new row?  Please help!!!


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    Hi Nicky

    short version - you can't - Reckon one will only allow you to apply one payment to one invoice or enter monies received direct into an income account.

    see link: 
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    Hello, just wondering if this has changed by any chance, being that it's now 3 years since this post? Has Reckon One updated this?
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    I have this same question!

    What is the work around?

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    You still can't, you can apply a payment to multiple invoices if all under the same customer name only, this is the same with a lot of accounting systems including MYOB, Reckon hosted you can only do this if they are a customer or job of that customer (sub-customer).

    You need to set up a bank account called "undeposited funds", when receipting the individual payments from different customers (class members) receipt it to undeposited funds, then do a transfer from undeposited funds to the main bank account that equals the full amount of the banked deposit.

    This account should always be reconciled back to nil.

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    Still no solution to this problem?

    Surely a batch deposit should be able to be recorded correctly and easily?

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    Hi Peter

    Still the same, need to use undeposited funds bank acct. and when the bulk deposit comes through the bank feed, set up a rule to transfer it to undeposited funds, then reconcile back to nil.