Invoice has an outstanding amount owing even though it has been paid off in full

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Hi, I am after some help please.  I have an invoice and it has been paid off thru multiple payments.  The balance should be $0 however it is showing as .69 cents owing. I went into the history and the final payment showed that full amount paid but in the breakdown the amount ticked was short .69 cents. I unticked it and re ticked and it was showing correctly. I hit save and went out of the payment and back into the invoice and checked and the .69 cents was back again. I went back into the payment history and it was showing that the payment was short .69. I did the same thing again and checked invoice still .69 cents owing. Then the third time I did it it now has 1.28 owing.  Something strange is happening and I can't work out how to fix it. Anyone have any ideas.



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    Hi Leanne, please check your original invoice to see if there are any negative amounts in the invoice. If there are this will cause the allocation of payments to report incorrectly. If you have a negative amount in the invoice I suggest that you delete that particular item and raise an adjustment note to the customer for the negative amount that you deleted. Then attach the adjustment note to the invoice and recheck and correct the way the payments are attaching to the invoice. Hopefully this will fix your issue.
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    Thanks so much for this Janet. You solved my problem. I did have negatives in the invoice.  All fixed now thank you