Payroll Company Contributions Recorded in Error

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We have been recording our company contributions to a portable long service leave scheme, via payroll, however these amounts are never correct as the funds provides a discount when you pay their invoice on time, as such the payroll liability is wrong and not paid from this.  This then leaves us with an over claim on expenditure as it is recorded under employee payroll contributions. 

I can do a liability adjustment to get the liability to credit out, but how do I get the amount removed from the employee payroll ? Do I have to go through and delete every entry on past payslips ? or is there an easier way ?


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    When I enter the liability adjustment, I see it reduce my payroll expenses under the Tasbuild Fast Report, but when I do a Payroll Summary, it is still showing as an expenditure under Employer Taxes and Contributions - how do I remove it from here  ?

    When the invoice is entered, it is entered as an Payroll expense as this is what it is, so I don't want it being recorded twice.