Cosmic Mobile Invapp with camera is soon here - 21st DECEMBER for beta testing

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Xmas is coming so is the latest Camera feature coming too for Reckon Hosted.
Cosmic Mobile invoice will have camera feature to take photos of job sites and attache it with quotes and invoices .

Release date:21st December


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    Great stuff Chandra! :)
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    We have now further advanced the camera features in our first to release Mobile invoice for Reckon Hosted.
    This is  dream come true for all Tradies and service  guys on the road.
    - you can now create a job site for the job to be looked at or to fix
    - give detailed job description to that job
    - take photos or images of the site to be fixed
    - upload and save it with the job no created
    - then send the image with description with instant email via mobile
    - then once invoice done link the job with image and send the picture again with  before and after
    - any time go and retrieve the image and resend it
    - pick any image from the gallery and send


    for trial or testing send me email please
    at this moment we are not charging any one to use the app its free to use and remember it instantly
    updates into RAH , NO NEED TO OPEN RAH OR RENTER.

    Not to forget your own customise Invoice template the way you want it.

    AVAILABLE AT GOOGLE STORE: cosmic invoice solutions
    call for logins info
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    Thanks Andrew
    We also have INVOICE NUMBER  displayed on the subject box of the email.
    so any one receiving will know instantly has aware of it
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