2009 printing issue

stephen holcroft
stephen holcroft Member Posts: 1
hi, i have 2009/2010 edition, been working fine but recently when you hit the print preview or print button, it does nothing 


  • Rav
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    Hi Stephen,

    Are there any error messages appearing when you attempt to print or print preview?

    Does it occur when you attempt to print anything from the program ie. invoices, reports etc or just certain documents?

    Is the program itself crashing and forcing you to restart it when this occurs?

    A possible first step to start from is detailed here
  • Shirley Ingle
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    Hi Stephen  When you press print and nothing happens, go to Start, Printers and Devices and check whether your printer is the Default or a QB PDF Converter. If it is a Converter, cancel the print and make your printer the default.