Customize Invoice Templates?

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I am currently trialling both Reckon one and Reckon Accounts. My biggest problem at the moment is that in Reckon Accounts I was able to totally customize an invoice template to my exact liking but I don't seem to be able to the same in Reckon one. Is it me missing something or are there many more limitations in Reckon one when customizing invoice templates?


  • Shane_6461899
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    Hi Lee,

    Reckon Accounts has much more options in customizing the templates.  Reckon One is limited pretty much to the settings you can see under Settings, Money In, Invoices, and Manage Templates.

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    Hi Lee

    I agree with Shane, Reckon Accounts has more functions and options to Reckon One. Hence, Reckon One is a more simplified platform compared to that of say Reckon Hosted. It really comes down to what you want to achieve and how much you are prepared to pay.



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    We've never shied away from admitting that Reckon One has a way to go in terms of being in full parity with the Reckon Accounts suite when it comes to functionality. There has been some very hard work by some very dedicated folks to get the product to where it is today and it's only improving with every new release.

    The first stages of invoice customisation are already available and you'll find the details of this in the Reckon One update threads on this forum. Further enhancements and customisation options are already on the cards and will be rolled out in subsequent future updates.
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    I have not tried Reckon One, it would not suit my advanced needs. You will always get what you pay for and starting at $5 per month for RO, you cannot compare it to Reckon Accounts, costs a bit of money but 100% worth every cent.

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    There is a new Add-on for Reckon One that gives you greater control over the design of your invoices.

    "Prettier Invoices" is a Windows program that lets you create much prettier invoices than Reckon One lets you by giving you more control over the look of your invoices. You can add extra text, images, or add a watermark image to your invoices.

    For more details:

    A free trial is available for you to test it out.