Stock control in Reckon Hosted! Can it be done?

Carina Gazzard_8918923
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My client uses reckon hosted and is desparate to be able to control stock levels and know at all times how much stock he has.  Working with stock is new to me so is there a stock control method in Reckon Hosted!  Can it be done?  Thankyou


  • Beatrice Rowsell
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    Yes.   Stock can be controlled in Reckon Hosted.    
  • Kevin Bell
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    Hi Carina,
    Yes Reckon Hosted can manage your stock and depending on your specific requirements can be customised to suit, if you would like to contact me, I could discuss some options available with you.
  • Jacqui Allen
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    Yes, it works very well however once implemented there are processes that need to be followed to the letter to ensure correct reporting. "garbage in garbage out".  I suggest you setup a dummy file import your lists (ie accounts, customer, supplier etc) to test processing.
    Process a stock purchase and then click ctrl+y on the transaction this will show you the detailed journal ie you would expect a DR to your assets, DR to the GST control CR to AP (Bill) or CR to bank (cheque). Do the same after processing a sale here's where some people get confused, CR to income, CR to Tax Control DR to COGs, CR to Asset DR to Bank (cash sale) or AR (Tax Invoice)
    Once you are happy with how its all working you can import items into the working data file.

    Good Luck

  • Carina Gazzard_8918923
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    Thankyou Kevin,  Just a quick question.  My client has never entered the stock amounts on hand correctly from the start.  If I go in now with a fresh stocktake to enter the exact inventory on hand do I do this from the LIST - ITEM page or do I go through the Stock adjustment - adj qty on hand page.  I am just worried it will cause any journals/transactions to expensed equipment that may not be correct if I do it this way.  Thankyou