How do I activate my bank account in Accounts Hosted to create an ABA file for bulk payments?

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    Hi Pam,

    The first step is to setup your bank account for online account access.

    To do this go to your chart of accounts, right-click on your bank account and select edit account. Click on the 'Online Bank Details' tab, tick the box 'Online Account Access' and fill out the details.

    See below what needs to be filled out:


    You will not need to fill out the APCA number. Once all the details are filled out click on Save & Close.

    If the ABA file you are creating is for employees, please follow the below steps:
    1. Double-click on each employee
    2. Go to the Payroll and Compensation Info tab and ensure the Pay Method is set to Bank (Online):


    3. Click on Direct Deposit and fill out the details


    If the ABA file is for your suppliers, follow the steps below:
    1. Double-click on each supplier record
    2. Go to the Bank Details tab and fill out the details:


    3. When you go to make a payment on a bill you need to ensure the payment method is select on Bank Online:


    Once a bill and/or an employee paycheque is created go to Banking > Online Banking Centre:


    This is where you can preview and create the ABA files:


    I hope this helps.

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    You will need the APCA number for most Banks without it it is generally rejected at upload.
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    Hello Pam

    You may wish to set up a separate bank account in Reckon for creating the ABA files.

    We call it "Electronic Clearing Account".

    Other than it being a separate account in Reckon the setup is exactly as instructed above.

    If you process the ABA  through you main bank account via paying the bills, wages etc. you end up with separate transactions in the bank account that total one amount on the bank reconciliation.

    By processing through a clearing account. all the separate bill payments go to this account.

    You then process one Cheque from your main bank account to the clearing account.

    The clearing account comes back to zero and you have one transaction in the main bank account to reconcile to.

    The APCA number this is what I have been told

    CBA 301500
    WBC 037819
    ANZ and NAB is any 6 digit number, unless using ANZ Transactive or NAB Connect require your own user specific number, that you obtain from the bank.

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    Some banks process bulk payments differently and some have the option to record as a single line entry.
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    Hi Everyone,

    You do need to make an arrangement with your Bank to allow you to upload payment files (ABA files) to the Bank's business portal.  They will give you an APCA number which is unique to you that the Bank's computer system uses to identify you.

    Enter the APCA number you are given in the APCA field of the Online Bank Details tab on your bank ledger account setup.


    If you are using BankData and a Bank Clearing Account please take note of the KB:  Handling Online Banking and BankData configurations in the one company file.


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    I would like to configure 2 accounts for online access ie: cheque (bill payments etc) & payroll clearing (payroll).
    Where can I select between each option? The screen shot page above will only let me have 1 option, therefore I cant switch between either depending on what I want to upload... 
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