Applying supplier payments or customer payments via the bank feed

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I have three queries regarding the application of customer payments and also supplier payments in Reckon One in the bank feed area.

1. If a customer payment appears in the bank feed (and this single payment is for a number of invoices on their account) can that single payment be applied to the relevant invoices from within the bank feed screen?  Or must I manually apply payment to the customer invoices through 'receive money' and then match it in the bank feed?

2. Doe the above apply to supplier payments as well?

3. Does Reckon One offer a "suggested match" in the bank feed based on previous allocations of expenses? I have seen this demonstrated in a how-to video but I've not seen it for myself just yet.

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  • Eric Tong
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    1. Yes you can apply the payment in the bank reconciliation function.  Select Allocate payment under the transaction, then Allocate detailed payment.  Select the Customer then the relevant invoices will appear under the Allocate tab.  Use New tab for payment without invoice.

    2. Yes similar for suppliers.

    3. It does but you have to create rule before any "suggested match" to happen.  Just try it out, it is quite easy in my opinion.