Change Reconciled Balance Date

Grant Dempsey
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I have a credit card where the statement dates open on 22nd month and close 23rd of the month so I want to close that account on the 23rd of the month not the 30th. 

How can I do this? 



  • Qwerty
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    Hi Grant,

    When doing a reconciliation you can set custom 'From' & 'To' dates & then click the 'Refresh' option.

    Note: If you access the reconciliation page via clicking the month calendar icon in either the banking account page or the bank account dashboard widget then 'From' & 'To' date will default to the the first day of the month you selected to the last day of the month you selected. At this point you would override the default dates & click 'Refresh'. 
  • Grant Dempsey
    Grant Dempsey Member Posts: 12
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    Thanks Qwerty, appreciate that. 
  • Dave_5488107
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    Hi guys, I've found the same with my credit card although if I adjust the 'From & To' dates to match the statement and hit the Refresh button Reckon won't accept the reconcile - ie when I click Finish Reconcile Now and go back to the Bank Accounts screen the icon for the month I have just reconciled is unchanged.However, if I work out what the the statement balance is at for the end of the month then Reckon will accept that as reconciled and then ask if I want to print a report or lock off the month as normal.Any ideas about how to make life a bit simpler?  My current thought is to ask the bank to process my statements from 1st to last day.Perhaps I'm missing a setting but Reckon isn't recognising a period of dates other than 1st to last day of the month.Hoping anyone can help.  Cheers