Backup crashes with error code 7058

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Using Personal Plus 2016 Release R1 on Windows 10, backup crashes with error code 7058. Reckon customer service refuse to help on the grounds they "are not trained to do support"! Have validated the file, tried to backup to desktop etc etc without success.Inability to backup makes the product too dangerous to use. Does anyone have an idea?


  • Andrew Christie
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    Hi Steve
    Have a look at this earlier post re 'super' validating your file.

    If that doesn't work, try the workaround in post

    Some (google) searches also indicate that this might be a 'Windows' error code and not Reckon's.

    I hope this is of assistance, if not perhaps another forum member might be able to assist further
  • GerryWinter
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    Please check the name of the file, if its to long because it tends to add dates to the name, just rename it to something shorter and try again.

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  • Steve_6587481
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    Solved! Gerry's suggestion worked. Reduced the length of the file name (I chose 8 characters) and now backup is working again. This is a bug that should not be happening on Windows 10. Thanks to all who made suggestions. 

  • Andrew Christie
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    It's always been a problem with Quicken / Reckon re file name since time began and I do not think they will ever change it. I forgot to check with you re this. Glad Gerry remembered this tidbit of information