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I'm wanting to trial reckon personal plus 2017. Can anyone tell me if you can trial it using your existing data file. I'm using Quicken 2006 and it's playing up so I need to migrate everything. Last time I tried to trial this all the share prices and currency history didn't restore and I couldn't sort it with Reckon. That was a year ago. Just interested to hear from anyone who has trialled Reckon Personal plus, whether they were able to restore their old quicken file.


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    It should be ok just follow the instructions.


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    Hi Karin,

    Check out our Personal Plus 2017 Installation and Upgrade Guide for full info
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    Hi I just had another question my quicken 2006 file must have got corrupted because when I restore a backup the currency lists and stock quotes won't come through. Just confirming they should just open automatically when the qdf file is opened. I am thinking about going to reckon personal plus. Is it possible le to import share transaction history off a Csv file. I could generate one of those from my quicken reports. Also would you recommend the hub investor or inputting the stock prices manually? I don't have a huge amount to input.
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    hi rav

    Just another question as I'm trialling reckon personal plus 2017. When I generate an investment performance report do you know if the exchange rate gain or loss on the share purchase is calculated in the average annual return (along with the gain or loss on the share price alone)?

    Also when you open the customise box for the investment performance report there is a tick box option at the bottom of the customise box for 'transaction exchange rate'. What does this mean when it is ticked?
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    Hi Rav
    Sorry about all the queries.
    I have downloaded the trial of reckon personal plus 2017 finally. I am running it on my 27inch imac via parallels on windows 10. It downloaded alright and I could look at the sample file, however the box that you use to input the registration number is minimised very small. There is no way of increasing the size so I can input any registration number. I have tried different dispay settings but can still not get the box to enlarge so that I can see the space where the licence key/rego number should be inputted. It is like it's minimised permanently.

    Just wanted to know is there any way of registering the RAP without having to enter the key via this dialog box or is the only option to buy a PC based laptop to run RAP? As you can imagine I'm not keen on doing this.