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Hi all, Hoping some can help. I am getting my way around Reckon one and up to starting this years bank transactions. Am I able to claim say 50% of car usage for one of our cars and the other 50% private expenses? I don't know how to do it- if it's possible! Also our fuel bill gets split between 4- truck fuel, ute, car at 50% and personal (left over from car 50%) Is there a way to do this in Reckon one?


  • Lynda ChaterLynda Chater Member Posts: 28
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    Hi Tash when you arr doing the paymeny you can allocate the expenses to various categories. After putting in the payment details you firstly allocate part to one expense account then add new row and allocate the expense until it agrees with the total drawn.
  • CandiiCandii Member Posts: 12
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    Hi Tash,
    Yes you certainly can ~ and you can also allocate transactional rules for the same method of allocation, $$ amount split or % split on transactions.
    Alternatively as Lynda mentioned ~ splitting the transaction to be allocated between different accounts at the point of entry is another option.
    Kind Regards
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