Multiple invoice payments in Banking

Tash SchippTash Schipp Member Posts: 23
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So i am spending my Easter weekend inputting all this financial years data. Most has gone to plan bar these 2 invoice payments. 

It has doubled them up and I dont know what action i should take. Any help would be great. 

(there are 2 invoices for Sarae at the same amount but 4 are showing) 

I marked them as income in the bank feed then went to invoices and marked them as paid there. All the others worked perfectly bar these 2image


  • ShaneShane Reckon Staff Posts: 560
    edited February 13
    Hi Tash,

    You can delete the duplicates using the X on the far right.  If they are not meant to go into your book, and your bank statement only shows one of each instead of 2 of each, maybe something went wrong with the bank feed which created a duplicate.  In which case you can just delete them.

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