How do i adjust sick leave when a staff memeber goes from weekly to monthly pays?

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 I have changed the accrual to per pay from per hour etc.

Is there a procedure somewhere, it seems rather difficult to get the accrual reading correctly?


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    Whats an accrual reading? What accrual rate are you using? It should be 7.6923% of hours for annual leave and half that for personal leave. If you do the math its 2.92 hours per week annual and 1.46 hours personal. This translates to 4 minutes 36 seconds per hour annual and 2 minutes 18 seconds personal. I hate mathematics
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    Hi Kevin thanks but this part you speak about I have covered. What I had problems with was adjusting the accrual. The staff member had been on weekly so he had some accrual already, then I changed him to monthly pay which was fine but his payslip reads incorrect.
    My thoughts were perhaps the process I used was incorrect and wondered if there was a procedure for carrying out change over
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    Juahe yeah if you use the accrual rate per hour it doesnt matter how often the person is paid. It will work out. Its just mathematics. You can tey it yourself. 7.6923% of any annual hours will give you the annual entitlement under the national employment standard. Call me if you wish to discuss 0407744914
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