Entering Bills

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I enter bills for unpaid invoices (I am waiting for the monthly statement so they are a reminder of a bill which will need to be paid) as well as entering bills for amounts that I have already paid (credit card receipts and direct debits paid already). Am I double handling things? When I go to reconcile, as I am using Bank Data all transactions are listed in the New transactions. If  I allocate each of these transactions it creates a second entry for each of the bills I already have in the system. Should I not be entering bills and instead just using the bank data section and enter them as they arrive in our bank account?


  • Kaelene McElligottKaelene McElligott Member Posts: 9
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    I'm no expert but I think under Allocate payment there is an option to Allocate Detailed Payment and under there you should see the unpaid invoices you have already entered. 
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