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Hi all.. I am looking for a payroll report that details hours worked without updating the payroll. I ran the Payroll Summary report so check hours against our clocking system however, this process seems to lock in the transactions and prevent them from being modified. Any ideas??? 


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    Hello Melissa,

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    You will need to add the column Hours Worked to payroll reports that allows that column to be added (Payroll Item Detail; Payroll Transactions Detail; etc).  Add by clicking on the Modify Report button and then in the Columns box, find and tick the Hours worked entry.  Hours will only show for payroll items that used hours in the pay run.

    Hope this helps.

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    Have you considered using timesheet entry.
    If you want a report that shows total hours >Reports >Custom Summary
    Modify Display Tab - Dates: say last month Display columns: week or fortnight?  Display Rows by: Employee Display Columns for: Quantity or both
    Filters Tab (Choose Filter) Account: all income/expense Payroll Item: All payroll items
    The report below only shows hours I purposely partially hid the employee names.
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    Have tried this and although employee is paid by Hour - its shows as zero in the report column?
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