Not receiving GUID id when Creating Bill from API

Raman Jit SinghRaman Jit Singh Member Posts: 3
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I am using "Create Bill" post request as mentioned below URL:{cashbookId}/bills

Bill is creating successfully on Reckon but "JSON returns" error like "Error creating a new bill for this cashbook" instead of Bill GUID.

My JSON looks like:
  "AccountsPayableAccountingCategoryId": "f36c7731-9a70-45e7-9a62-95ae2c2d9368",
  "Address": null,
  "AmountTaxStatus": 3,
  "BillAmount": 4.4,
  "BillDate": "2017-07-19T00:00:00",
  "BillDiscount": null,
  "BillDiscountAmount": null,
  "BillDiscountPercentage": null,
  "BillSourceId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
  "BillTax": 0.4,
  "DueDate": "2017-07-30T00:00:00",
  "LineItems": [
      "AccountId": null,
      "AccountingCategoryId": "3aa1339b-2282-46ce-9572-faa271ff1090",
      "Amount": 4.0,
      "AmountExTax": 4.0,
      "ChargeableItemId": "5eac7b74-1546-49a2-b6d9-96f1ed882285",
      "Description": null,
      "DiscountAmountExTax": null,
      "DiscountAmountTax": null,
      "DiscountPercent": null,
      "HasDataForPosting": true,
      "InvoiceDiscountedAmountExTax": 4.0,
      "InvoiceDiscountedTaxAmount": 0.4,
      "IsHidden": false,
      "IsParent": false,
      "IsSubTotal": false,
      "LineNo": 1,
      "PrintGroupAsSingleLine": false,
      "ProjectId": "e1d644fd-9280-4be7-88ed-8b99cbcd64a6",
      "Quantity": 2.0,
      "TaxAmount": 0.4,
      "TaxGroupId": "44407d2f-e0cc-41c6-a0be-6fb6063dc9f0",
      "TaxIsModified": false,
      "UnitPriceExTax": 2.0,
      "UnitPricePrecision": 8.0,
      "UnitPriceTax": 0.0
  "Notes": null,
  "Reference": null,
  "SendDate": null,
  "Status": 2,
  "SupplierId": "2f75c46d-7610-4415-a01b-5e8d71999b04",
  "TemplateId": "8bc94f1e-dc70-4eea-afee-8b5a99929ec8"

Thanks in advance. 


  • Jason HollisJason Hollis Reckon Staff Posts: 615 ✭✭
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    Hi Raman, do you have invoices turned on as a module of Reckon One as Bills and Invoices can't be created unless you have that module active?
  • Raman Jit SinghRaman Jit Singh Member Posts: 3
    edited July 2017
    Thanks for reply Jason

    I did not get your point there is some setting in my JSON? I think the module is active that's why Bill is creating successfully in Reckon. Just I am not able to get GUID

    Invoice API is running fine now I am working with "Bill Create" API.
  • Devansh DevDevansh Dev Member Posts: 16
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    Yes Jason, the modules are active. We can successfully create invoice.

    Now we are working on Bills Section.
    While creating bills its returns error "Error creating a new bill for this cashbook."

    If we go to bills panel after login we see the bills also created successfully.

    Our Problem is not returning Bills GUID, showing us error. Json is given above

  • Jason HollisJason Hollis Reckon Staff Posts: 615 ✭✭
    edited July 2017
    Thanks for clarifying. I'll ensure the support team have a look when they are back in tomorrow. 
  • Simon HutchinsonSimon Hutchinson Reckon Staff Posts: 155
    edited August 2017
    Hi guys

    It is very strange that this is occuring because you would usually get that response when there is a problem with the JSON payload such as a invalid guid being used for account etc.

    However it seems like you have provided enough successful information for it to post, but it is still finding a problem posting some of the data. Have you done a data match of what is in the JSON payload to what appears on screen, is it exactly what you posted or for exampel is there something missing (which would indicate where the issue is)

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