chattel mortgage showing up on BAS as a purchase

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Hi, I'm still doing the bas (yes very late) because of a motor vehicle purchase last month, trade in and a chattel mortgage. I finally got the journal entry right, but the G11 amount is a negative figure because it has included the chattel mortgage (showing as a red -$ in NTD Purchase/Acquisition because it forces me to select purchase or sale in the journal line.) Why do some journal lines bring up the selection for sale/purchase and some don't? (eg. the establishment fee and the unexpired interest). I would like to get this right so I can send the bas,
In MYOB a journal would not be applied as a purchase or sale so I'm not used to this. Perhaps in Reckon I would need to enter the vehicle purchase under spend money or some other way? The dealer provided a tax invoice for the purchase and I provided a tax invoice to the dealer for the trade in vehicle. Any help much appreciated please. 



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    haha I'm going to write my own reply. I cancelled the Journal entry, created a Credit Card for the Chattel Mortgage. I entered all of the appropriate transactions as a payment. Everything balances. The loan repayments will be entered as a payment from the Chattel Mortgage credit card, gradually reducing the liability. The BAS now balances. Yay. 
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