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Steven NorthSteven North Member Posts: 2
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We were working on a manual import for QIF and had a series of unreconciled accounts to transfer through as June had some missing transactions not imported from the date range that was entered prior, a new file was imported briefly.

However, we are unable to go back to the previous manual import to continue on moving transactions against invoices entered, against bills etc.

How do we go back to continue working on the other transactions that haven't been reconciled with the previous file?

This is for the online ReckonOne.


  • Steven NorthSteven North Member Posts: 2
    edited August 2017
    So from what I understand, unable to go back to the previous file using the "latest manual upload" button and am unable to locate the previous "unreconciled" transactions.

    Does this mean that they weren't imported with the change in the manual uploads?

    If yes, if we proceed with importing the primary manual upload file (which is a few months of transactions). Would ReckonOne identify transactions that have already been entered? EG: Duplicate transaction found?
  • John OverweelJohn Overweel Member Posts: 14
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    From my experience, when you manually upload a file all previous manual upload unreconciled transactions are overwritten. You need to re-import the whole file including earlier data you had missed. If, however, you had reconciled some of the transactions, then you need to omit those in the import as they will duplicate if you reconcile them again. I also found that it does not have to be a QIF file which is default from bank feed. It can also be a text/csv file provided the syntax is correct. From memory, you can assign each data column to the correct label when you do the import.
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