can't email customer statements, or PAYG summaries. They just don't appear in the email list after c

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Have tried ringing support, but the wait time is too long. 


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    Hi Wendy,

    The Send Forms to Send list cannot show a corrupted email and will not show 'good' emails that follow a corrupted one.  If your list is blank and you know there should be emails waiting to be sent, then the first email is corrupt.

    When you exit Select Forms to Send, Reckon Accounts will delete only the first corrupted email in the list.  You will need to enter and exit Send Forms to Email as many times as required until the last of the emails is displayed and all corrupted emails are deleted.

    A full guide is at:  Send Forms list is blank and there are no Payment Summaries to email.
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    Hi Wendy,

    I think the way I fixed it was to delete a supposedly corrupted email in the form queue.  I didin't know which one but just deleted some until it worked (found this info on another thread here).  Apparently even if one email is corrupted it won't even queue the rest.  Do you have other items that appear in the to be emailed list?  Good luck
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    Is there any way to bulk delete all the forms to be emailed/sent? 

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    Hello Our Family Health Care,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.  

    The best way to clear your email queues is disconnect your email client from the internet and then process all the emails in your lists.  These will sit in your email Outbox where you can delete them.  Then reconnect your email client to the internet.

    Hope this helps.

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