How to pay PAYG for one month

Bob HaleBob Hale Member Posts: 5
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I need to pay my PAYG to the ATO for the month of July.
In Reckon Accounts I did this with: Reports / Employees & Payroll / Payroll Liabilities Balances and select the correct period.

In Reckon One under Tax I can only select by quarter.
How do I generate that?


  • Michael CorriganMichael Corrigan Member Posts: 70
    edited August 2017
    Reckon Now does not have a process to deal with Monthly PAYG and Quarterly GST which is disappointing.  You can change from Quaterly via "Settings", then under "Tax Settings" you will see "BAS Settings". Select period as Monthly and make sure PAYG is ticked below.   You should be then able to calculate the PAYGW figures for the BAS.  You would use these figures to complete your BAS via another method like the Business Portal
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