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Hi, I am new to Reckon and I have just completed July accounts creating rules as I go. When I come to August accounts half the rules are missing, do I have to recreate them again. Also the first week of August accounts is missing.


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    Hello Nick, 

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    We've had a look at your BankData record and yes we can see a gap in your transaction flow to one of your accounts.  Its something that has to be escalated to our developers for investigation and it will be helpful if you can provide a bank statement to [email protected] showing the missing transactions (you can mask confidential information).  

    Hope to have it sorted soon.

    If you need access to those transactions now you'd best create a list of transactions on your bank's website for that account for that period, export it to a CSV or QIF formatted file and import it to your book on the New transactions tab using the Manual Upload button.  

  • nick kinghamnick kingham Member Posts: 2
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    Also the rules I created in July have not all carried into August.
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