Can MYOB banklink data/files be imported to Reckon Accounts hosted?

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My bookkeeping/accounts are currently managed by my accountant who uses MYOB banklink I would like to take back ownership of my data - can the file be easily imported from Banklink to reckon accounts hosted?


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    Welcome to the Reckon Community, BD.

    BankLink files cannot be imported into Reckon Accounts, Desktop or Hosted.  We do have a product that brings in your bank transactions into the Online Banking Centre - BankData.  It uses the same processes as importing a QIF file.  You have access to Transaction Rules that help in reducing the time to allocate transactions to ledger accounts.   

    Here are some videos to explain the process....

    Signup for BankData 

    Process Imported Bank Transactions 

    Create Transaction rules 

    Apply Transaction Rules

    Hope this helps.


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