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Hi, I'm using Reckon One with bank feeds, now with pay runs, I can have them automatically paid into the, account 'bank' and create the ABA file, I then go to the actual bank account online and pay the bulk payment. 

So now I have 15 employees seperate payments in the system ready to be reconciled, but I also have the bulk aba wages payment come through the bank feeds. This is causing me to have a double wages payment.
How do I get the bulk payment reconcile with the individual employees payments? Ive ticked and unticked auto payment of pay runs to the bank, but neither works because it either goes straight into the system bank account or you still have to "make payment".... 

So you can allocate each payment but then you have to do each and everyone separately, can I create a "Customer" and allocate each employees pay, will they show up there or am I on completely the wrong track? 

Hopefully this is making sense. 
Any suggestions would be much appreciated. 


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    When you first set up the employees what account did you allocate to them? If you set up a supplier with your bank account then as soon as you enter a bill it will show the payment straight away on your bank. I hope this makes sense. 
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    Hi Tanah

    I too have a number of employee where we pay a bulk amount through the bank but the pays go into the bank individually.

    To reconcile my wages without the double handling, I have made a payroll clearing bank account, I allocate all the wages into this account and then when the bulk amount comes into the bank account it is allocated through a rule to this account also to ensure that they reconciles each week.

    I hope this helps


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    Thanks Tim and Lynda, I think I will set up the payroll clearing bank account, I've done that with other software programs. Its a wonder Reckon can not just make it a bulk payment also if you are creating an ABA file. 

    Thank you very much for you help!
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