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Jodie PorterJodie Porter Member Posts: 38
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I have just manually uploaded my credit card into my Reckon One software. There were 3 previous transactions still to be reconciled within the 'new' tab from my last download.  I thought I would reconcile the 3 previous transactions with all the new transactions I was downloading, however once I uploaded the QIF file, the old transactions aren't there any more and I am not sure of exactly what they were. Is there any way of finding these transactions again or do I have to go through all my account statements and check them against reckon?


  • ShaneShane Reckon Staff Posts: 560
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    Hi Jodie,

    What would have happened is when you imported the new QIF the unprocessed transactions were overwritten, so they are not in there anymore.  Unfortunately you will have to go through the bank statement compare to what has been put in Reckon One already to find the missing 3.  I recommend to finish processing all transactions before importing the next QIF.

  • Jodie PorterJodie Porter Member Posts: 38
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    Thanks Shane. I will make sure to do this in the future.
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