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Today we already have an integration in the system, but I am confused
between the migrations of the routes.

For example: In our old integration, we had the route "/ Sale /
CreditSettlement" to update the negative payment, in reckon I'm using the
body "CreditMemoMod", but I'm not sure if both are the same thing.

The routes of our old system are:
"/ GeneralLedger / TaxCode" - get all registered fees
"/ GeneralLedger / Account" - get all registered accounts
"/ Contact / Customer" - update / register a customer
"/ Sale / Invoice / Service" - update / register an invoice
"/ Sale / CustomerPayment" - update / register payment for an invoice
"/ Sale / CreditRefund" - update / register refund of an invoice
"/ Sale / CreditSettlement" - update / register settlement of an invoice

Would you be able to help me by passing the corresponding bodys in the
reckon system?

Thank you so much.


  • ShaneShane Reckon Staff Posts: 560
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    Hi Tiago,

    <CreditMemoMod> will be to update an existing customer credit (adjustment note).

    Do you have access to the desktop SDK?  If so look in the samples area for qbxmlops61.xml  This has the qbxml schema.  If not let us know and we will give you access.   This is where you will find the answers to these queries.

    Reckon API Team.
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