Reckon One in Bank Accounts Transaction Screen GST code not applied

lou razzano
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Reckon One in Bank Accounts Transaction Screen. Uploaded data is in the new tab and I am allocating receipts to the account number - Allocate Receipts - Choose Customer - Choose my account number. The GST tax code is not applied from the Chart of Account. I Then need to edit the transaction to put the correct GST code. How do I get around this ?


  • Shane_6461899
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    Hi lou,

    For now you will need to use the detailed allocation option and add the tax code manually or setup a transaction rule, because this function is not working currently.  The Reckon One team are aware and looking into it.  There is no ETA at this time as far as I know.

  • lou razzano
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    Thanks for the reply Shane I appreciate it.  I am not keen to use the transaction rule because the rule does not keep the current transaction description.   Hopefully this aspect of the transaction rule is also fixed at some time in the future.

    Do you known if on Reckon Accounts Host the function is working properly.  Also do you know if the transaction rule in Host keeps the current transaction description.


  • Scott_6428906
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    01/12/17 Hi Lou, The tax code issue should now be resolved. Regards, Scott.