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I'm trying to set up a report to let me know all the new customers that have been added to the system in the past 2 months. I've tried to use some standard reports, but can't find a field with customer setup date.


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    Hi Keith, 

    I'm not sure a setup date exists in the system but you could use custom fields to set one up.  You'll need to test whether it can read a date range but the alternative is to enter in the field 'November 2017' and then run a report looking for November 2017 and October 2017.   More of a work around than a solution sorry. 

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    Hello Keith

    Intuit does record a timestamp of when the customer was setup in the data file.

    You will need to export the customer list to see this (File Utilities Export Lists to IIF Files...)
    Select Customers

    If using Hosted down load the file from where it was saved.

    Open the iif with Excel.

    The TIMESTAMP cell is the number of seconds from 31/12/1969  8:00:00 PM

    Inset a new column E beside the TIMESTAMP column

    In column E21 set the format to Time enter in 31/12/1969  8:00:00 PM

    In the cells underneath  set the format to Date and enter the formula =$E$21+(D22/60/60/24)
    (Divide by 60 seconds divide by 60 minutes divide by 24 hours)

    This will then show you the date the customer was set up in Reckon.


    Or a bit easier, juts sort by the reference number field.

    Take note of what the last reference number is.

    Next time you export, the reference numbers after the last one is the new customers.


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    Thanks Adrian- that worked perfectly!
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