How do I transfer my copy of Personal Plus 2013 to a new PC?

Gerard Coggans
Gerard Coggans Member Posts: 1
I have a new PC and need to transfer all my software before retiring the old machine. I have my Reckon data files backed up on a separate hard drive. I can't seem to find any explicit instructions as to how to do this.


  • David M
    David M Member Posts: 92
    edited January 2018
    Hi Gerard
    If you still need an answer after this time, then
    Step 1 - find an installation disk of your PP 2013 and install it on your new machine.
    Step 2 - copy all your files across to the new machine.
    Step 3 - when you open PP 2103 on your new machine, look for your data files where ever you placed them, and they should open as you have seen them in the past.
    Good luck - step 1 is normally the hardest - as few people have retained the disk.