Can I delete an employee from a pay run after being posted

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We created a pay run and then after finishing it - posted - we realised that we had left an employee on the run ( who is currently on maternity leave)  - Can we delete the individual employee from the run - because she had an automatic entry of one hours wage and this will muck up her summary of wages - or do we need to delete the entire payrun and then reenter it .
Can we do a journal entry to remove the one hours wage - ? how do we do this.

thanks in advance


  • Shakir
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    Hi Rob, thanks for your post and welcome to Reckon Community.

    Please be informed that we can exclude the employee from that pay run without deleting it.

    Please open the pay run and click on Undo, then this pay run will be shown in Draft and from there you can remove that employee and then process it.

    Hope it helps!