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How do I delete a bill wrongly entered when its date is the same as the lock off date which is the s

Alan Crocker
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  • Nitesh Sharma
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    Hi Alan,

    Welcome to Reckon Community. 

    Please follow the steps below to delete the bill in Reckon One. 

    • Under Day to Day select Bills.
    • Click on the transaction, If it is a closed transaction then first you need to unlink the payment by clicking on the Already paid  amount and  Unlink  at the bottom right corner.
    • Once you unlink the payment then you can go back to the transaction and edit/delete it.




  • Alan Crocker
    Alan Crocker Member Posts: 2
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    Yes but this doesn’t work if the bill date was wrongly entered as the same date as the lock off date and book dste
  • Jon
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    Hi Alan

    You could temporarily remove the book lock off date (or someone with correct permissions could). Then delete the bill before finally resetting the book lock off date.


    Jon Martingale
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