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I have ReckonOne Payroll lite. I am paying fortnightly. I have some employees that over the 2 pay runs (1-15 and 16-31Dec) have earned more than $450 but the super is not calculating. If they earn over $450 within a fortnight it calculates but not over the month ie two payruns.
I have checked that in the employee set up they pay frequency is set to fortnightly.

Any ideas anyone? Does it might matter that my payruns are "unscheduled"? 

Please do not respond with the article on super setup as super does work and calculate just only over one pay rather than recognising 2 fortnightly pays for the one month.


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    Hi Jo If it is the first pay in the month and the gross is below $450 for the entire pay it will not calculate until you re its the next pay which will put the total months gross excluding overtime etc over $450. This is regardless of your pay schedules. A pay schedule or even unscheduled have no effect on super. Super is calculated by date paid. If there is still an issue go to settings, payroll items, super guarantee and check that you have selected all applicable payroll items for calculation. Hope this helps. Kind regards Kim Chapman
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    Its based on the PAID DATE (not the period covered by the pays). Also as Kim points out if the first week is under 450 gross there will be zero super. The second pay in the month will include super for the first period. All the software works like this
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    Thanks Kevin and Kim. It was the pay date that was incorrect. Makes sense once you know!
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    Thats fine Jo. I am a genius. Yes it only takes 10000 hours to be an expert. I think I had that covered in 2005.
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