Lost attach file in 2018. How do I link Attach to qdf

Graeme Hughes_9492850
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I have used Quicken Home and Business since 1987. My whole life is there.Recently I upgraded to 2018 and found that the .rkn backup did not include my attachment file. How do I link my 2016 attachment file to my 2018 qdf file


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    Hi Graeme,

    While I can't say I know too much about this area, I've found some info and extracted the following from our KB article http://kb.reckon.com.au/issue_view.asp?ID=4739 which hopefully helps -

    Recover attachments when compressed archive file restored to a different location

    When you click on a transaction that has an attachment but the Attach folder cannot be found, you will get the error:  “There are no attachments available”.  Do the following:

    1. Close this file; 
    2. Find an existing Attach folder for this file and copy it into the directory for this restored file: 
      1. If you are moving your files to a new PC, it may be on the old PC.  
      2. You may need to restore an older backup – it would be best to do it on another PC as you may have to re-install an older version of Quicken. 
    3. Open your restored file.  You will not see the icon indicating an attachment, however if you click on the Attachment tab for the transaction you will see the attachment.  
    4. Refresh the link to the attachment: 
      1. Click on Attachment tab of the transaction to view the attachment; 
      2. Click on File.  The Windows Explorer window will open to the location of this attachment; 
      3. Click on the file.  This will create a second copy of the attachment; 
      4. Highlight the first copy of the attachment and select Delete
      5. Select Done to complete the refreshing.  An icon will appear on the transaction to provide the visual hint for the attachment.
    5. Repeat these steps for all transactions with attachments. 
    If you obtained the Attach folder from an older backup you may need to rescan the documents attached after that backup was created.