Recurring Bills

Mark Cavallo
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is there a way to set up a recurring bill for 12 month's that is paid automatically every month?

this option does not appear for me in the demo - just 'save & close' and 'make payment'. 'copy' is also there but does not give me the option for recurring. i currently use excel and simply create a row with all of my recurring bills listed in one easy step. 

this is the only feature now preventing me from subscribing to this product as i have so many of the same recurring bills and do not want to enter them manually every month.

thank you.


  • Marc H
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    I'm not aware of a "recurring bills" functionality; however, if you have the payments set up to occur automatically from your bank, you could approximate this functionality by setting up a "Transaction Rule". That is, when you import your bank transactions, the system would recognise the payments by the rules you've set up and automatically apply the correct supplier, GL account, tax code etc. Then you just need to click "Reconcile" and the posting will occur.