Copy details to a New payment

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Is there any way to take the details from an existing payment transaction and use them for the basis of a new transaction?  Other acc packages call this "Copy Values to a New Entry".

I am well aware that I can import transactions from bank statements and have ReckonOne apply transaction rules to generate details.  But I am not importing transaction. I have to enter each one individually.   So 20 Electricity bills, 20 internet bills, 20 gas bills and so on for the past 18 months.
I cant believe there is not a way to reduce the data entry required. Looks like I have to enter all the details every single time. When a simple memorised transaction could populate everything into a new Payment and all I would need do is alter the amount and date.

Am I missing something obvious here?


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    Ted_5835084 Member Posts: 46
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    Well in the end I found  a workaround.
    I opened Excel and entered all the transaction in there.  Just needed a date description and amount columns.  Save as CSV.   Then ripped down entering the 20 dates. Same payee for all the bills so copy down once.  fill the amounts.  On the reckonone side I created a transaction rule to allocate to account add some remarks based on matching the payee.     Then went to bank import and hoovered them all in.  Heaps quicker than manual entry battling the interface in Reckonone.