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Hi there,

Is there a way to export a "Purchase Order" as an "Microsoft Excel" document?

Currently we are saving the PDF's on our server, and sending them [& other files] by email to our supplier[s], but one has recently been asking if we could look to have them sent in Excel format, for easier handling by their software.


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    Dang it....that's what I figured, but not what I had hoped. :-)
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    HI we have done for Sales order a customer is using it .We could do this for you if you are keen to discuss call me thus afternoon late after 5.00pm Thks 0407068942
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    That sounds promising, and I thank you Chandra .....but also sounds like it would likely be a paid endeavour. Not to mention, the time difference means I will be long out of my "normal" working hours, here in New Zealand.

    Happy enough to do preliminary discussion through email, and who knows, maybe you have what we want/need.....I just didn't want to burden anybody, over a "nice to have" function, for [so far] one supplier.
    My email is: [email protected] 
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    Try creating & saving PO, then reopen and "ctrl+y", customise this to include qty, item detail etc and export to excel.  NB in fact you could created a custom detail report for this, memorise and filter by ref # as and when requiredimage
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    Thanks Jacqui,

    That's actually VERY close to an completely acceptable solution - using the "Email > Send Report As Excel" function though, as "Export" only allows access to the Reckon server.

    Not quite the same layout as my PO [group titles that I have typed in a blank field] that I just need to figure out a way to use a unused column header for......but I think I can work it out.
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