Email to Excel is slow, no record of emails sent

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I use email to excel to transfer the transaction list details to an excel worksheet. Depending on date range this is a large list. Three points to note

1. Although this has many records I know it can work - I have successfully sent to excel with 30,000 records, it is slow but it can work sometimes.
2. It doesn't always work, sometimes I send the email and wait for it to arrive in my mailbox
3. When it doesn't arrive I question myself as to whether I put the right email address, sometimes I redo the process to check. Can Reckon show me a history of sent emails?



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    If the file is going to contain lots of data - I would suggest sending to Excel via the Export option - save to your B drive on Hosted - then download the file - that way you know you have it... probably quicker?
    plus you can add other reports in separate tabs to the same file - then download all at once.

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    Thanks for the reply but for a number of reasons the email option is far more useful for me. In any case following your reply I tried the export method and the whole of Reckon froze on me.
    Having something that works intermittently is infuriating and I repeat my question about how to see what emails have been sent.
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    I repeat my question of 2 weeks ago. I want to use email to excel and NOT export

    Why does the same process work sometimes and not others
    Why does it take so long to first open a report, second refresh with new dates (or columns, third process to send email
    Why does the email box appear behind the processing box so you can't see when the report is (eventually) ready
    Why is there no record of emails sent, nor any notification that sending has failed
    Is there any size limitation on what can be sent by email

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    Hi Chris
    I will try to answer your questions, although it should be remembered that this is a community forum and all answers to questions come from those of us who have the time, understanding and willingness to help users with their Reckon queries.  We are not Reckon Tech support, who you should contact if you cant find the answers you need from here.

    Firstly - the times when I find it doesn't work are usually when I have had the file open for a long time, have lots of windows open etc... and then when I try to send a report as Email to Excel, it pops up another window instead... so I close the file, reopen it and all is well again.

    If you find you are always modifying a report and not using the default that comes up - go to Edit, Preferences - Reports & Graphs and tick the box that says Prompt me to modify report options before opening a report - this completely solves this frustration for you.

    I think your next issue with the email box going behind, depends on the browser you are using, and if you happen to click anywhere else while waiting for the email to come up (which probably takes a little while if you report is very large as you suggest) - simply press Alt+Pge Up to bring it to the front.

    If you want to see a record of emails sent - download the latest  QBMailClient_yyyymmdd.log file from the Logs folder on the Q drive of your Hosted account - this will give you a record of what has been sent.  The reason you dont receive any failure notification is because the mail is sent by the Hosted Servers mail client and not your own mail client.

    I do not know if there is a limitation of what can be sent via email from Hosted, but there possibly is a limitation on what can be received by your inbox - this would be something you would have to check with your providers?  As I have said previously - if this is an issue, I still recommend exporting to Excel on your B drive of Hosted, then downloading the file directly - given that you seem to be having the above issues I would think this is a surer way to go for larger exports?  (PS, if may sometimes appear that Reckon is frozen ie you get the Not Responding message in the dialogue box title, but this just means it is working away in the background, walk away, do something else, and wait for it to finish)

    I hope this has helped.

    Cheers Linda

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    Thanks Linda, I do appreciate your input. 
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