Just downloaded the ReckonOne app, can't find the Journal option, can you please tell me how to get

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Journal access in Reckon One IOS App


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    Hi B Fraser,

    The Reckon One mobile app does not contain the ability to input journals as yet however this can be achieved by logging into Reckon One via the browser on your iPhone/iPad. The Reckon One mobile app is still in its early stages in terms of functionality at the moment but will be built upon in future releases.
    It would be great if you could request this as a feature/product suggestion in the Reckon Ideas portal by clicking on the Help icon within Reckon One > Submit a product suggestion > You will then be taken directly to the Reckon One Ideas portal. Our Reckon One team are monitoring this portal regularly and will be using your ideas to formulate future Reckon One updates.
  • B FraserB Fraser Member Posts: 2
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    Thanks for your reply, will request through the Ideas portal
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