Transactions Summary Error with NAB Credit Card - Yodlee Feed

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Hi there,

Recently a client has set up a credit card feed for a their Reckon Hosted account through BankData, but even when following the guide it would still give me a transaction summary error and that I have no permission to request bank feed.

I've entered all the dummy branch code suggested and the masked Yodlee Feed credit card number. But the error still persists.

What other reasons are there that could be causing this problem? I am supposed to add the credit card feed account number as shown on BankData right? With all the dashes and x's?

If there is generally another solution or reason for this, please let me know.

Help is much appreciated.



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    Hello Kevin,

    Sorry to hear of the issues you are having with BankData.

    The error message suggests that there is an error with either the Branch code, Account Number, YodleeID or APCA number.  If these have been entered according to instructions then make sure there are no spaces before, after or in between numbers.  With NAB credit cards you must enter the account number with the masking characters of 1234-56xx-xxxx-1234.

    Next, check that you have the correct UserID and password entered in Banking Preferences - it must be that of the Bankdata record owner whose accounts you are accessing.  

    If the problem persists then please email relevant screenshots and a description to the BankData helpdesk at [email protected]

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