Can an invoice be reversed in Reckon rather than deleting it or creating an adjustment note? I know

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  • Robert Smeallie_9600650
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    Hi, It's interesting that you should ask this question as I faced the same scenario when creating my Reckon Accounts User Notes. MYOB AccountRight has the Reverse ability in it which it creates a journal entry automatically in the background to reverse an invoice, whereas Reckon Accounts doesn't have this function.

    This means you need to create a Journal entry to reverse the actions done when creating the invoice. This is accounting best practice to maintain traceability for all transactions. (When creating the notes, I saw that you could select the Invoice and simply delete it and create a new invoice but that was done for some dummy companies that had no financial repercussions and was simply a time saving function).

    Hope that helps.
    Robert Smeallie

  • Robert Smeallie_9600650
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    I forgot to add that you go to Banking in the Top Menu Bar then click "Use Register" which then asks you what account you want to work with and, if you use the account for which you create the Invoice, you will see the original Invoice which you want to reverse. Simply copy the amounts in the Debits and Credits columns and reverse them and that will cancel out the incorrect Invoice.


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    Depending on the reason you want to reverse the invoice you could either Void the Invoice (not if on Accrual and already reported) or do an Adjustment note and use it to mark off Invoice. You can do a journal as well.

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    Thanks Kerri. I don't suppose you know if Reckon has any plans to introduce functionality which enables you to generate a credit note from an invoice. Voiding is easy but if the period is closed it would save time re-entering the details. 
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    Go into the bill you want to reverse.

    Then go Edit-Memorise Bill

    Close the bill

    Go to Lists-Memorised Transactions

    Open the memorised bill

    Change it to a credit (top left of the bill)

    Save the Credit

    Go to Supplier Centre and open the supplier. You should now see that the bill has a reversing Credit.