Detailed project report??

Emma Rennie
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I am wanting to know if there is some way of seeing a detailed report for a project?  I can get the profit and loss report but need it broken down even further.

What I would like to see is all the invoices and bills that I have attached to a specific project - is this possible?


  • cosmic
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    there may be few manual ways to get that but if  you wish to use our app Job Master Report tool
    you will see all what you want in one screen and drill down to the source BILS AND INVOICE AND MANY MORE
    This video is 10 years old though

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  • Jennie_9775061
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    What a good idea that would be! I would love to see some proper reports for projects. It takes a lot of work to enter all the data against projects and then you can't get much information out at all.
  • damoran
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    I think Reckon One has falsely advertised "projects". Unable to report profit/loss on any project. Very disappointed.